Travelling abroad and taking in the very best of what South Africa has to offer has to include a trip to Stellenbosch. Nestled between the Cape Dutch buildings, this small university town is surrounded by the iconic Cape Winelands. Along with the historic oak trees, winding back roads, and art galleries there are several Stellenbosch wineries that can really give you a taste of what South Africa has to offer.

The Cape Winelands are known for their vast vineyards and incredible range of wineries. Because Stellenbosch wineries are more of an expansive experience, there’s so much more to offer the average traveller than wine. If you are travelling to South Africa and want to see the 10 best Stellenbosch wineries to visit, this countdown can help you uncover the best that this region has to offer.

1. De Meye

Belonging to the Myburgh family for five generations, this winery is an experience that must be experienced first hand in order to be truly appreciated. Located down a dirt road along the famous Stellenbosch Wine Route, De Meye is one of the most prestigious boutique wineries in South Africa. You won’t find much fuss, nor glitter. They believe that elegance lies in simplicity, and beauty in realness.

2. DeMorgenzon

For a truly unique experience in Stellenbosch, there’s fewer places that can offer more than DeMorgenzon. Combining small winery elements with a private and personal tasting area, you can even hear Baroque music playing through the vineyards 24/7 because they believe that the power of music positively influences the ripening process.

3. De Trafford

Located along the historic Mont Fleur farm, the De Trafford winery is nestled atop of the dramatic valley above Stellenbosch. With a limited production scale and the finest attention to detail, there are not many wineries that can offer a better taste of South Africa.

De Trafford

4. Jordan Wine Estate

This iconic winery dates back to the early 1700s and has a large range of classic wine varieties to choose from. From grape to soils and slopes, the variety here is stunning and you are sure to find this estate as one of the best Stellenbosch wineries in your travels.

5. Keermont Vineyards

Nestled between the Helderberg and Stellenbosch mountain ranges, this winery has a selection that’s unmatched elsewhere. With a firm belief in the natural process of winemaking, this winery can offer an experience that can connect you with nature as well as please the palette.

6. Kleinood

Steeped in tradition and part of the Stellenbosch lore, Kleinood wines are as much a part of the valley as their farm is. ‘Kleinood’ is an Afrikaans word from Dutch and German origin meaning something small and precious. This is exactly what Kleinood means to them and precisely what it is – a small farm, very dear to their hearts, specializing in the production of only a Syrah based red wine, a single vineyard Syrah and small production of Viognier and Syrah Rosé as well as de Boerin extra virgin olive oil.

7. Oldenburg Vineyards

Tucked away into the mountain range of Stellenbosch, Oldenburg winery is run by an independent family who aims on making the finest wines in the valley. The handcrafted small quantities of both red and white wines are made from grapes grown on the stunning estate. Located in the range of mountains known as Banghoek, the changes in elevation give Oldenberg an advantage when it comes to fine wines.

8. Reyneke Winery

As one of the first biodynamic Stellenbosch wineries and vineyards in South Africa, the Reyneke Winery can offer an incredible range of flavours and wines to enjoy. Back when the Reyneke farm first began as ‘Uitzicht’ in 1863, there were no chemicals or technological advancements – just the land and nature. Uitzicht (which is the Dutch for ‘View’) is perched overlooking Stellenbosch and False Bay. It has North, East and South facing slopes. The best land is planted with vines and the remainder complements the vineyards with pasture, compost-making and pockets of wilderness.

9. Stark-Condé

Located in the Jonkershoek Valley in Stellenbosch, this winery makes full use of the valley with grades and elevations that go from 150 to 600 metres. The award-winning wines are hand-crafted in small volumes using traditional methods: hand sorting, open-top fermentations, hand punch downs and manual basket pressing. All the Stark-Condé wines are bottled without fining and filtration. This wide range allows for the most interesting tastes and blends that Stellenbosch wineries can offer.

10. Uva Mira Mountain Vineyard

When the name of this winery is translated it literally means “The Wonderful Grape” and this is one of the Stellenbosch wineries that you must visit during your travels. Full of charm and rich in heritage this winery can offer more than just amazing wine, it’s an experience in and of itself. Not to mention some of the most incredible views in Stellenbosch.

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