It’s no question that Cape Town is one of the premiere hotspots for authentic fashion and bold creativity. The “rainbow nation” brings together such an array of talent across cultures, aesthetics and disciplines. It is a fertile breeding ground for inspiration and rule breaking. Seeing as our mission at Explore Sideways is to take our guests off the beaten path and to expose them to the truly inspirational people that are quickly making this city a first class travel destination. To share in our passion, we asked one of our specialist stylist guides, Simone Maltman, to share some of her favourite jewelry and fashion designers around Cape Town.


If you find yourself desperate to add that ultimate trend and pizazz to your outfit this collection crafted by artist Katherine-Mary Pichulik should leave you uttering the word ‘WOW!’. Locally manufactured using ropes, everyday materials and bold colours these pieces are inspired by the artist’s travels to India and by the Middle Eastern & African culture. What makes the collection even more unique is the artist aim for the women wearing these bold and beautiful pieces to be inspired to be courageous and powerful.

Black Betty Jewellery

Handcrafted and founded by Kristin Weixelbaumer, the Black Betty jewellery collection is an actual experience. The Stones are sourced from India and available in beautiful metals which include gold, white & yellow gold and, my favourite and trending, rose gold. Using hand cut precious and semi-precious stones enfolded in an array of different metals, the designs showcase the designer’s love for ethereal and delicate design.

Kirsten Goss

Already a household name, Kirsten Goss has had the pleasure of opening a flagship store in London back in 2002 where many celebrities are fans of her work. Here in Cape Town her work is showcased in the form of jewellery and other designs where she has teamed up with a well-known local handbag label. Her designs range from appealing crafted metal earrings to bold over the top precious stone necklaces – there is a piece for each taste and style. Always ahead of trends and producing timeless pieces, there is a reason her fans include the likes of Kate Middleton and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Stefania Morland

One of Cape Towns distinctive and longtime designers, Stefania Morland is not just a name anyone in the industry knows but she is highly respected for her creative and alluring collections. Her collections for ready-to-wear, bridal and cocktail embody a woman’s uniqueness and versatility. Stefania’s garments are beautifully layered and she uses an arrangement of chiffons, silks, cotton and linen. She also offers custom made garments, so whether you need that little black dress made for an upcoming event, be sure to contact Stefania…she’ll pull out all the stops to make sure you are the belle of the ball.

Alexandra Hojer – Atelier

Stepping into this boutique store on Bree Street you are warmly welcomed by a bit of old and a bit of new. Vintage décor and high end minimalist clothing pieces with a rock ‘n roll feel. Swedish Born designer Alexandra Hojer has created a gem out of her studio workspace in Bree Street. She also recently opened a boutique store on Kloof Street where you are sure to find unique designs. The collections include once off pieces for men and women, leather bags, lingerie and accessories. You’ll be sure to find something to your taste and liking.

Phillipa Green

If you’re a Capetonian this name should be known to you! One of the country’s finest and renowned contemporary jewellers is found in our magical city. Her distinct range using Perspex and different elements makes her collections the talk of the town. Having studied Fine arts her creative and aesthetic approach to jewellery design has produced her iconic cuff that is available in more than one design and worn on many beautiful women’s arms.

Margot Molyneux

Classic meets stylish is what you will find in the Margot Molyneux womenswear collection available on Roeland Street. Established in 2011, the design duo have created a timeless brand and each collection suits a variety of personal tastes. The production of each collection is elegantly put together by a team driven by individuality and the fabrics printed are a good representation of that.

Maxhosa by Laduma

Designer, Laduma Ngxokolo is quickly defining the future of modern African design. With a focus on fine knitwear, the patterns are inspired by his own Xhosa heritage (one of South Africa’s indigenous local tribes). He celebrates the traditional Xhosa beadwork aesthetics using South African mohair and wool. He’s been picked up by fashion magazines around the world and you’re sure to see more of him in the future.

Hannah Lavery

On a recent walk around the Cape Town city bowl, I was stopped dead in my tracks when I passed this stall displaying sleek sleeveless coats and striking leather mules. Obviously there were about 6 women cramped in the stall trying to get a piece from an exceptional designer, Hannah Lavery. Her designs are a blend of classic and contemporary and will last you through the many upcoming fashion seasons. Some of her most sought after pieces are her beautiful genuine leather shoes.

SOUL Design

For the boldly boho, pay a visit to the private home and design studio of Abi James, African inspired jewellery and interior designer. She sources unbelievably unique metals and beads including brass, bone and precious stone from her travels across Africa (when she’s not designing interiors for top safari lodges that is). She encourages you to select your own beads and charms to customise a design of your own.

Lara Klawikowski

Based in Cape Town, the future looks very bright for designer Lara Klawikowski. Truly talented, she graduated as one of the top 5 at the CTFC and won the SACTWU Condom Dress Design competition. Not only does she showcase her avant-garde designs at South African Fashion week but suspicion has me believing she will be attending NYFW & Paris Fashion week soon! Her bold and intriguing concepts portrayed in her designs makes her exceptional. From her beautiful drapery and constructed couture dresses to her ready-to-wear collection, she is truly an artist with much potential.


Founder duo, Alice and Olivia have created a beach-worthy brand of clothing inspired by the vibrant designs of the East African Khanga cloth. Each unique print and silhouette is perfect for almost any occasion in seaside Cape Town. From bathing suits to billowy dresses, these designs are classic yet memorable.

Tamara Chérie Dyson

Elle Rising Star winner 2014, Tamara Chérie Dyson is a designer to look out for as big things are heading her way! Her clothing collection with Mr Price put her on the map and soon her name was on everyone’s lips. Her chic and sophisticated collection creates a wearable and modern touch to the luxury pieces she designs. She incorporates beautiful fabrics in an array of textures and colours. Pastels, metallics, neutrals, greys and leather accessories form part of her contemporary and exquisite line. No doubt this rising star will be reach international status in no time.

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