The current worldwide coronavirus crisis has left many people with travel plans cancelled or postponed. Most of us are currently exercising social distancing or even mandatory quarantine and isolation, but that doesn’t mean the travelling has to stop! Well, sort of… 

Explore Sideways has come to your rescue by putting together a fabulous list of experiences we have found around the web for you to take a virtual travel escape during this time of uncertainty. From the famous Livraria Lello bookstore in Porto (#HarryPotterVibes) to the aurora borealis northern lights – we have you and your bucket list covered during this time. 

street food on boat in asia, virtual travel escape during covid-19
Image credit: Manfred von Kannen from Pixabay

Foodie TV Shows to Transport You and Your Taste Buds

As if you even needed an excuse to binge watch some amazing Netflix shows! Street Food and Salt Fat Acid Heat will leave you feeling both inspired and super hungry. Street Food takes you on an immersive journey of the vibrant street food scene in 9 different Asian cities. From Bangkok to Singapore, you’ll be intrigued by the mouthwatering dishes and the unique individuals behind them. Salt Fat Acid Heat will make you fall in love with new culinary destinations and rediscover your love for others. After your virtual trip to Liguria in Italy, why not attempt a focaccia in your kitchen? Delizioso!

Museums Around the World Offering Front Row Tickets from Your Couch

Google Arts & Culture can help you fight cabin fever with virtual tours of hundreds of top museums and galleries from around the world. Ever dreamed of visiting the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam? Now is your chance, on this virtual travel escape during COVID-19. Not only is the project offering virtual tours, but there are tons of extraordinary tidbits of content. You even have the option for close up zooms of famous art!

Of course we have a soft place in our heart for Porto as it’s one of our travel hubs. That’s why we are so happy to see that the city has launched a platform with virtual cultural activities. The Livraria Lello bookstore and the Porto Cathedral are some of the exciting places you can explore in the UNESCO World Heritage historical centre of Porto. Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to travel and see them in person one day.

elephants in africa walking in virtual travel escape during covid-19
Image credit: cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Nature so Close You Could Touch It

If an African safari, visiting an animal sanctuary or chasing the aurora borealis northern lights are on your bucket list, stay tuned. has an impressive selection of live nature cameras for you to discover on this virtual  journey into the wild (hat and binoculars optional!). What’s so exhilarating is that you’ll have the opportunity to see places or things that wouldn’t even be possible in person – like an eagle’s nest. And should the social distancing blues start to set in, we highly recommend the remedy of watching some baby kittens at a rescue centre. It’s guaranteed that you might consider adopting a cat after a few minutes.

Music of All Sorts to Keep Your Ears and Heart Happy

Why not get all dressed up and pretend you are going for a night out at the opera or a live music performance? Take it to the next level by making space in your living room and dancing with your loved ones. Travel to the famous opera and concert halls in Berlin, Vienna and New York– all have beautiful musical options waiting for you. And on the other side of the music spectrum, keep a look out for many of your favourite artists offering live streams on Instagram, or access the Play it Safe global platform for some live concerts and radio shows.

Continue to explore the unexplored with our list of ideas for a virtual travel escape during COVID-19 – it’s the perfect time to extend that never-ending travel bucket list.  We would love you to share your beautiful virtual travel stories with us on Facebook or InstagramAnd if you’re feeling inspired, feel free to contact us when you start up your travel plans again. We have some tempting tours in South Africa and Portugal!

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