Tips For Pairing Wine At Your Next Braai

Going on holiday is often about trying new things and experiencing new moments. What better way to do this than by experiencing some traditional South African culture on your next trip? One extremely popular activity is having a braai, which is similar to a barbecue, but with a South African twist. This is a method… Read more »

Cape Town Dam Levels Rising, Drought a Thing of the Past

As Winter Draws to a close in the Western Cape, Cape Town emerges from a period of excellent rainfall, with regional dams recording their highest levels since 2015. Water-saving efforts have kicked in and local residents can breathe a sigh of relief. Cape Town is open for business! The past few years have seen Cape Town… Read more »

8 Fun and Fascinating Food Markets in Joburg

Johannesburg is a truly grand mix of different cultures. South Africa’s largest city attracts millions of travelers from around the world each year, all hoping to experience the blend of culinary treats and experiences that the city has become well-known for. However, the exciting foodie scene in Johannesburg doesn’t belong exclusively to South Africa. This… Read more »

Johannesburg – The City of Gold

Dating back to the Witswaterand Gold Rush of 1886, Johannesburg or Egoli: the city of gold, is the modern day hub of South African commerce. Rich in history and diverse in culture - it certainly has a reputation, and it’s a place full of stories well worth getting to know. Inner City Revival: Starting at... Read more »

5 Unknown Facts About Table Mountain in Cape Town

Table Mountain, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature,  is one of the most awe-inspiring and iconic attractions in Cape Town. We've listed 5 fun facts about this breathtaking sleeping giant, one of the few mountains in the world to be surrounded by a city (this also makes Cape Town one of the few cities in... Read more »


The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Destination Wedding In The Western Cape

If you’re looking to plan a unique and spectacular destination wedding for yourself and your guests, Cape Town, South Africa offers many picturesque backdrops to host your special day and give your guests an experience like none other! While planning a destination wedding provides excitement and anticipation, it can be difficult to plan from afar. We've... Read more »