When it comes to water, the last year was a challenge for Cape Town and its residents. With various announcements made early last year that water was running low, the city and the world began to wonder just how citizens would tackle the challenge. Fast forward to 2019, it is safe to say that the water crisis has been averted! In fact, Cape Town is currently considered by some as one of the most water-wise cities in the world, having curtailed water usage by over 50% in one year.

The Numbers

Looking at the capacity of the major dams, as of early February 2019 the total storage was sitting at 57.4% in comparison to the same time last year where the total was at an all-time low of 25%. While we still aren’t at the high of 2015’s 72.6%, the water situation continues to improve each month with weather patterns slowly returning back to pre-drought patterns and intermittent rainfall in relevant catchment areas.

Where We are Now

Throughout 2018, reports across the globe said that Cape Town could be the very first major city in the world to have its taps run dry. Residents of the city accepted the challenge to make a difference, and make a difference they did! From collecting grey water for recycling (like using excess shower water to water the garden), to not taking baths and washing clothes less often, citizens united to overcome the crisis.

As the water situation continues to improve, it’s still important to remember that water is still a precious resource and efforts to be mindful and save water where possible are still desirable. Having said that, we are pleased to say that Cape Town has averted disaster and is looking exceptional this summer. Businesses are flourishing and travellers are flocking to the pristine beaches, soaking in the breathtaking natural beauty and enjoying world-class food and wine

Cape Town Clifton Beach
Image credit: @jennamanthe via Instagram

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