About the Winelands

Most of the vineyards in South Africa producing wine grapes are located in the Western Cape, the most southerly province and home to the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. The most popular regions to visit are typically Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Drive a mere 45 minutes from Cape Town itself and you’ll find yourself in wine country, surrounded by rows of neat vineyards, world-class wine estates and breathtakingly beautiful mountain vistas. The mountain views alone are worth visiting the winelands. They rise quickly from gentle rolling hills into sharp, dramatic peaks and immense and brooding ranges, like something out JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Cape Winelands Views

Stellenbosch and Franschhoek

A visit to the Cape Winelands can include any number of experiences (get in touch for your own specially designed itinerary, curated by one of our experts) but our Best of the Cape Winelands Tour is all about the delicious food, superb wine and spectacular views. Stellenbosch, the largest, most popular and most easily accessible wine region to Cape Town, plays host to some 150+ producers and offers a stunning range of wines to choose from. From easy-drinking summer time Sauvignon blanc to carefully crafted Cabernet Sauvignon, one can’t go wrong and you’re bound to find something that suits your palate. Wine estates in Stellenbosch range from simple and understated to grand and impressive in their scale.

The town of Franschhoek is nestled right at the end of the Franschhoek Valley and presided over, not only by the magnificent mountain ranges that form the valley, but also the Huguenot Monument, a memorial commemorating the French Huguenots and the cultural influences that they brought to the Cape Colony during the 17th and 18th centuries. Home to excellent Chardonnay and delicious sparkling wine, known locally as Methode Cap Classique or MCC, the wine estates and tasting rooms are welcoming and the perfect place to admire the views while tasting through a range of wines from the region.

Stellenbosch View
Franschhoek View

What to Expect

The Cape Winelands are considered one of the jewels in the crown of the Western Cape (which is saying a lot considering the variation and scale of sheer natural beauty that can be found both inland and on the coastline). Our team of expert travel consultants will help you plan the perfect winelands day for you, including matchmaking you with the perfect guide for your group.

Your private, expert guide, selected for his or her knowledge, passion and experience in the winelands, will make contact with you the day before the tour (via sms, whatsapp, phone call or email) to introduce him or herself and confirm the collection time and location. The next day you will embark on a day of exploring, tasting, eating, drinking, meeting, adventuring and making memories. You’ll visit three to four estates depending on whether you would like to take the day quickly or at a more relaxed pace (your guide will adjust your reservations accordingly) for a guided wine tasting session. Each destination is selected, not only for the excellent wine, but for the unique experiences on offer and the perspective it gives into the South African wine industry and local wine scene. Your guide is also able to add additional information along the way to give you an in-depth and textured insight into the winelands, as well as change your itinerary to include any stops you may want to make along the way, depending on availability and timing.

Winelands Wine

Who Should Book This Tour

No visit to Cape Town is complete without a visit to the winelands. Whether you’re a wine expert or total beginner when it comes to wine, this tour is a bucket list item and shouldn’t be ignored. Even teetotallers are encouraged to explore the countryside for the sheer natural beauty, art and culture and rich history and heritage on offer. Couples, families, groups of friends, corporate groups… there is something on offer for everyone in the winelands. The itinerary can be adapted to suit anyone whether it’s your honeymoon, 60th birthday, family holiday or office outing.

Winelands Couples
Winelands Family

Why You Should Book This Tour

Whether you’re on the holiday of a lifetime or a frequent traveller, in Cape Town on business or pleasure, a wine expert or just looking for some fun, this tour should absolutely be on your bucket list for the following reasons:

  • Everyone will ask you when you get back home whether you visited the winelands
  • The food and wine is world-class and a big part of the lifestyle and allure of Cape Town itself
  • The natural beauty and expansive views are absolutely spellbinding and will make your friends and relatives positively green with envy
  • You will learn a lot about this beautiful country’s history and winemaking heritage that is over 350 years old

Planning a trip?

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