Destination weddings are an amazing deal: not only are you celebrating a special day for two people you care about, you also have an opportunity to explore an entirely new place. With our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time to travel to a new location and spend some time relaxing and catching up. That said, travelling to a destination wedding can get stressful and negatively impact your health. Check out these six tips on how to stay healthy while travelling to a destination wedding:

Read up on any current events

Reading up on what’s happening in the place you’re going to can give you peace of mind. The moment you get to your hotel, you will probably have back-to-back events: rehearsal dinners, photo ops, and of course, the big party. You most likely won’t have enough time to thoroughly research what parts of town are safe and if there’s anything you need to specifically know. So, to ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises, take some time to do some reading before you go.

Do research on the destination weather

Should you pack light clothes like flip flops, bathing suits, and t-shirts? Or, do you have to bring a humidity proof rain jacket? Though ideally you would get an email with some helpful information, you should also be proactive and do some research yourself. There’s always a chance that a place that’s supposed to be sunny and hot could randomly get super rainy. Regardless of what the weather predictors say, pack a set of emergency clothes just in case.


Keep your skin hydrated

Chances are you’re going to spend a good chunk of time at the destination wedding snapping photos. The last thing you want is to have dry skin or acne. To prevent that unpleasant scenario, pack your skincare products like your sunscreen, moisturiser, and any acne treatments you’re currently taking. When you enter a new climate, there’s always a possibility that your skin will have a negative reaction. But as long as you have come prepared, your skin will be ready for that group selfie.

Bring your supplements

You usually will have to change your diet when you travel. Though trying new cuisine is exciting, it can also be stressful to not know if you’re getting the same nutrition that you’re used to. Instead of packing a ton of protein bars, you should consider taking collagen protein powder with you. In addition to helping you stay full, college protein powder also keeps your joints, hair, skin, and nails healthy.


Add an extra day to be a tourist

You have come all this way! Why not do some exploring? Especially if you’re travelling far, you should book an extra day to be a tourist and check out all of the sites. This way, you will feel less stressed about heading back and can be prepared for emergencies. Book a private tour of this new city — you never know what you will discover!

Stay hydrated

Weddings are endurance contests. In order to enjoy your friend’s special day, you will have to stay hydrated so your body stays healthy. Especially if there’s an outdoor ceremony, you should make sure you’re drinking enough water. Bring a reusable water bottle with you. On the other hand, if the tap is unsafe for drinking, you can buy a pack of water bottles at a convenience store before the wedding.

A destination wedding is an exciting chance to catch up with old friends and explore a wonderful new place. As long as you’re mindful of your surroundings and plan in advance, you will surely have a great time.

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