One of the best ways to immerse yourself in local Cape Town culture is to get to know the uniquely South African foods that help define the “Rainbow Nation.” Taste the unique flavors of the country with a passionate local chef.

There’s no question that South Africans are seriously passionate about food and we believe you will be too once you’ve tasted them. During a cooking class, you’ll learn how to create the dishes firsthand so you can take them back home and share with your friends and family. 

During this hands-on cooking class, you’ll be hosted by a professional chef in his quirky and charming home in Cape Town.  He’ll teach you the best way to fold a “samoosa,” how to make traditional South African dishes like smoked snoek pate and of course our famous malva pudding, all from scratch. Cooking classes can be themed around certain local cuisines too. For example, learn how to cook Cape Malay curries, mix your own spices or enjoy a traditional South African braai (barbecue)!

This experience is for experts and budding beginner chefs alike. Even if you’re new to the game, or don’t even cook at all, there’s an aspect of cooking for all skill levels and interests to create a memorable experience and make an amazing meal together.

This 4-hr private cooking class can be added to a Cape Town City Foodie Tour or can be conducted by itself.  The cooking class includes dinner and local wines paired with the dishes, for 2 to 8 people. ENQUIRE for pricing. 

Get inspired by some of the uniquely South African dishes below! 


The braai is considered the most famous South African culinary tradition. Many people will know this as a bbq, however, don’t try to use this word here. Braai comes from the word “braden,” which means “roast” in Dutch. It’s derived from the term braaivleis, which means grilled meat in Afrikaans. Popular braai meat includes beef, lamb, pork chops, chicken kudu, springbok, and a popular spiced sausage called boerewors. The most important aspect of the braai is the time spent together perfecting the heat of the coals (a proper braaimaster will never use gas) and making sure the meat is perfectly cooked. It’s considered a true art form to South Africans of every culture!

Discover Cape Malay Cuisine

As indicated in the pictures below, the Western Cape benefits from a strong Asian influence, a culture now dubbed the Cape Malay. The original Cape Malay people migrated from Maritime Southeast Asia, mostly Javanese slaves that were transported by the Dutch East India Company. Their norms & values and have imprinted a strong footprint into the Western Cape culture, especially the food. A taste of authentic samoosas, spices and desserts will help you discover a less known part of the cultural diversity of Cape Town.

Bake a Malva Pudding

Another amazing contribution from the Cape Malay culinary heritage is a scrumptious desert called malva pudding. This local sweet pudding has a mellow caramelised texture filled with apricot jam. Often accompanied by a cream sauce and custard or ice-cream, many additions may differ from one area to the next. For instance, the Cape brandy pudding is one of the variants with brandy and dates. This is the perfect way to end your culinary masterpiece!

Book a Private Cooking Class

Let us tailor-make a local South African menu so you can learn about the Cape heritage while picking up some amazing culinary tips!

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