Barbecuing – or ‘braaing’, as it is called locally –  is to South Africans what Raclette is to the Swiss, or a Sunday roast is to the English. More than just a list of food items, a braai is an important South African ritual, where friends and families come together to relax, celebrate, and socialise.

Experiencing a proper braai is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of South African locals. Not only will you get a taste of the unique, local flavors and local wines but you’ll learn important aspects of daily South African traditions and culture.

We’ve partnered up with a local, private chef to bring a customized “wine and braai” to you! This unique 4hr experience begins at a boutique wine farm, and we’re not just talking about any wine farm…These farms are not the mass producers you will find in the ‘South African wines’ section in the grocery store. Rather, these are the producers that are renowned by local wine aficionados, for their extraordinary, small-batch, handcrafted vintages.

As a prelude to the feast, the winemaker will personally conduct a VIP wine-tasting and tour of the farm, sharing the farm’s unique history and explaining how the wine is made. If you’re lucky, they may even be treated to a special barrel tasting, where- as the name implies – wine is enjoyed straight out of the barrel!

After the tour and tasting, you’ll make your way to the fire to watch the “braaimaster,” as he prepares the feast. Snack on a spread of grilled prawns, beef sliders, and crispy tempura broccoli while you learn about the fine art of building the perfect braai fire. Discover the unique spices only found in South African sausages called boerewors, and learn how to make traditional South African side dishes like “braai broodjies” (barbeque bread) and variety of salads, sweet potatoes and much more – all with a gourmet flare!

For dinner, your chef will serve up platters of perfectly cooked lamb and steak, fish baked in salt, fire pit root veggies, bountiful salads of grilled courgettes and aubergine generously covered with locally-made burrata, and a creamy, buttery potato bake. Juicy sausages stuffed by artisanal producers clamour for space with grilled sandwiches jammed with heirloom tomatoes, mature cheddar, and homemade piccalilli. And for sweets, enjoy toasty S’Mores with whipped marshmallow batter.

The ‘Wine & Braai’ feast is complemented by the winemakers’ personal favourite vintages, and the meal is enjoyed on a long table under the stars, surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Enquire to Book the Wine & Braai

This is the perfect event to book for a family, a corporate group or even just a few friends that want to immerse themselves in a fun South African tradition!

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