Combine the best of two senses by visiting these 5 wine farms who offer both great wines and incredible art collections. You can see famous pieces by world-renowned artists like Pierneef while sipping on the best wines the farms have to offer. Call it a double dose of high culture.

Grande Provence

The Gallery at Grande Provence is very well-known by art enthusiasts around South Africa for its excellent reputation for showcasing some of South Africa’s finest established and emerging artists.

The Gallery exhibits artists ranging from established talents like Angus Taylor, Deborah Bell, Lionel Smit and Leon Vermeulen and emerging young artists such as Phillemon Hlungwani, Jacki McInnes and Nico Masemolo, as well as artists from Europe and America. A carefully selected group of South African masters such as Irma Stern, J.H. Pierneef and Hugo Naude are also be available to collectors.

Regular wonderful exhibitions are held in the gallery, throughout the year : paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and photographs are all exhibited to create a dynamic, undeniably fascinating peek into the minds and hearts of such creatives.

Glen Carlou

Mr Hess, owner of Glen Carlou, has one of the largest privately owned contemporary art collections in the world. The 480m² art gallery adjacent to the Glen Carlou restaurant and tasting room, houses a collection of contemporary, pop and modern art by South African artists.


This winery is a must-visit for wine, horse and fine art lovers. The Gallery at Cavalli Estate is a 600-sq meter subterranean space of tranquillity located underneath the fine dining restaurant above (also worth visiting!) With an innovative ceiling conceptualized to simulate daylight, the space showcases a variety of rotating contemporary exhibitions, alongside a permanent exhibition from the Cavalli Estate Private Collection.

Adjacent to the gallery you’ll find the Boutique, which features high end, locally crafted items and fashion products. This multifaceted farm illustrates their dedication to supporting artists and artisans by creating an outlet for locally crafted products that encourage high-quality local production.

Hidden Valley Wines

Upon driving up the steep entrance, an art fragment in the form of a Bronze face welcomes you to the farm.  This piece forms part of a collective experience of “hidden” gems to be discovered on the farm. Walk through the sculpture garden to admire the creation of Willie Botha’s work in the tranquillity of this outdoor sculpture studio.

La Motte

The La Motte Museum offers a stimulating cultural-historical experience, with displays depicting aspects of the Rupert family, focusing on Dr. Anton and Mrs. Huberte Rupert and the musical career of their daughter Hanneli Rupert. Also featured is the history of La Motte and its magnificently renovated buildings, with a brief review of Cape Dutch architecture, supported by photographs from that era.

Since La Motte estate has a long association with Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (1886-1957), as his daughter Marita is a friend of La Motte, an exhibition is dedicated to the life and art of the world famous SA artist. The museum also exhibits curated exhibitions by other distinguished South African artists.


This iconic winelands estate has just launched a sculpture garden to showcase notable South African artists, and the garden is already seen as a dynamic, world-class platform! Creating something family-friendly was the main objective. Otherwise, Gordon Froud, the internationally respected contemporary artist, curator and designer of the Garden got to create whatever inspired him.

Delaire Graff Estate

Delaire Graff Estate offers a rare chance for art aficionados to view some of Laurence Graff’s personal art collection in an outstanding setting. Frequently named one of the world’s top art collectors, Laurence Graff’s collection at the Estate is a carefully curated showcase of some of South Africa’s finest contemporary artists.

From the moment you make your way through the Delaire Graff Estate, you are surrounded by a world of botanical wonders with bold works of art scattered about: you will find Dylan Lewis’s bronzes juxtaposed with Deborah Bell’s signature pieces. The estate is an architectural masterpiece; the collection is fabulous. Delaire offers an incredible path between art, culture and wine.



At Kanonkop Wine Estate, wine and art are both seen as investments that bring a lot of pleasure. That’s why they launched a gallery in one of the winery’s oak maturation cellars. This unique viewing space features everything from the traditional to the abstract and tries to cater to all tastes.


While producing award-winning wine, Spier also hosts one of the largest contemporary South African art collections. With sustainability and social responsibility as core brand values, the Spier Art Collection is largely defined by the work of young, highly talented artists – emerging and internationally admired. The work is largely cross-disciplinary and incorporates performance, installation, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and film.

Holden Manz

Holden Manz Wine Estate not only offers award-winning wine, a 5 star guesthouse and restaurant, but also boasts an impressive array of art by local South African artists. The gallery was founded in 2006 in Cape Town, but was later moved to Franschhoek when owners, Gerard Holden and Migo Manz bought the wine farm. The artwork, which is carefully chosen by Migo Manz, is on display at the gallery, and throughout the farm, with artwork adorning the walls of the restaurant, as well as the guesthouse. Extending the artistic theme to the actual wine, the wine labels for every Holden Manz range is also carefully thought of and personally designed by Manz and incorporates his love of abstract paintings.

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