Sustainable travel has become a buzzword lately, but it is so much more than another marketing trend. People all over the world have decided to minimize their carbon footprint by giving back to the destinations they most love and frequent. 

Promoting this type of travel is critically important to the environment and in preserving our beautiful natural world. We’ve decided to curate a few helpful tips to ensure you travel sustainably in 2020. Here are 8 ways to travel more sustainably in 2020:

1. Pack and shop consciously on your trip

Buying brand new things that you might only use once or twice increases production, clutters up your suitcases and becomes a pricey exercise. Instead of pre-holiday shopping, you can limit waste by making do with what you have. 

For example; do you really need a different bikini for every day of your vacation? Or do you have a few stored in the cupboard that you have never worn? Of course, there will be a few things you definitely need to shop for, but even this you can do sustainably.

2. Avoid single-use plastic at all cost 

Plastic waste is one of the key issues affecting dramatic climate change. Governments across the world are revisiting their laws to accommodate more sustainable plastic usage practices. We suggest packing a reusable straw, water bottle, a bamboo cutlery set, reusable plastic containers and zero-waste toiletries. 

Glass reusable straws on table
Image credit: @seastraws via Instagram

3. Choose sustainable transport options

Emission-free travel isn’t always a possibility, however, there are ways to limit your environmental impact. Where possible, try to walk or use public transport instead of hopping in a taxi. Car-pooling is another option and in cities like Cape Town, you can hire a bicycle and discover your most loved destinations. 

4. Slower travel is more sustainable

Slow travel is blowing up all over the world. It is, in essence, a mindset that rejects traditional ideas of tourism and encourages more immersive experiences. This at times means spending more time seeing less, making time to do things we enjoy with people we care about and with friends we make along the way. 

5. Support locally-owned businesses

Try and buy local where you can while on holiday. You may need to make your way to a local market. This also provides you with the opportunity to engage with the locals and get to know the local culture and community.

man looking at flowers and fresh produce at Cape Town Oranjezicht market
Image credit: @ozcfarm via Instagram

6. Choose your accommodation wisely

Try and find accommodation that uses renewable energy and actually practices conservation. There are many options to choose from in South Africa. More and more lodging facilities are prioritising sustainability at their facilities.

7. Think before you act with wildlife activities

When planning your trip, make sure you will not be taking part in any irresponsible activities.  Riding an Elephant or petting a Tiger may seem like a once in a lifetime opportunity, but remember human interaction with the wild can at times mean a lifetime of distress for the animals involved.

8. Educate others to travel sustainably 

Being a sustainable traveller might come naturally to some, but prove a little more difficult to others. After embarking on this enlightening experience we suggest sharing some of your experiences with your friends and encouraging them to do the same.

Female traveller at airport with pull bag

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